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March Update [Mar. 3rd, 2016|01:02 am]

Hello Everyone,
Here's March's update, roughly 3 months after the previous one. This one is a bit special to my eyes.

When you were a kid, what was your first introduction to transformations? A movie? A game? A book? A TV show?

For me, it occurred during the holiday. You see, we have here, during the holiday,  something called Cine-Cadeau, aka Movie Gift. During the holiday, special animated movies would be aired. This has been going for nearly 30 years. And since it's public television, French-Canadian public television, they tried to show very special movies. Some which were never released outside of their origin country and France.

This was there I first saw a movie that broke my heart and gave it to dragons: The Flight of Dragons. Featuring both dragons and transformations, it was the movie that gave me my dragonity and my interest to transformation.

Of course, later that same holiday, 2 other movies were aired. One had women fighting over a coat and turning into dogs, and one, darker, about a boy and a dark wizard doing shape shifting. Those two, not being from the USA, I have been looking for years! I only recently found what they where. One was from Germany, dubbed in French. The other was Japanese, from a Russian fairy tales, and also dubbed in French.

Those 2 movies were Krabat and Twelves Months (or the Enchanted Forest). All 3 together did light my dragon flame and transformation flame. They're both on this update, Flight of Dragons having been uploaded a long time ago.

Also, a special mention to the Journey to the West. I've included 2 entries: 1 animated show, made in Canada by Cinar for the Chinese and one new live action movie made in China. The Cinar one is a though one to get, as since it has been made for China, dubbed copy are quite rare. I think they only dubbed the first 5 episodes in English, as a TV movies, and dubbed the following episodes up to the end of season 1 in french. The second half never got dubbed and was only for China.
Along those, here are the stats for this update:

4.75 GB of clips;
24 shows;
232 Transformation clips;
121 Scene clips

  • Twelve Months One of the first 3 movies. Simple dogs transformation but when you're 9 years old...

  • Krabat (1977) I have been looking for this movies for ages. German in origin, it only got translated in French, which make looking for it into English source nearly impossible. Dark and full of original transformation by their design. Nothing compare to today's transformation, but still, as a kid... I wanted to also put the remake, but I'm still trying to get my hand on the original... I'll leave pirating to the others.

  • Journey to the West First part of the Journey to the West update.  Canada / France / Japan collaboration done by Cinar, practically impossible to get. Only could get my hand on the DVD for the first half that got released in french.

  • Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons Second part of the Journey to the West update. First movie of a possible trilogy made in China. Good CGI and a good variation of the prelude of the tale.

  • Cinderella (2015) Another live action adaptation of one of Disney's classic animated movie. As with the original, transformations follows. And they got more animal transformations than the cartoon. Lizard tail growth! muurrr!

  • Dungeons & Dragons Remastered and new clips. A classic cartoon from the '80.  Kids are sent into another world and must return home. But with Dungeons and Dragon, you have room for transformations and ... Dragons! Sadly, not both at the same time.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy The most recent Disneyfication of a Marvel franchise. Thankfully, it doesn't suck as Agent of SMASH or Avengers Assemble. There's even some good Transformations in it.

  • Johnny Test Clips from the last seasons and MP4ification of the old clips.

  • Karmina 2 Neat local movie, with a funny TF. Got any dragon or orca oil?

  • Legends of Chima Another Lego series. Got to say, non-United-Statians shows maker sure know how to make show good for all ages. And with an anthro TF too.

  • Legend of Lemnear Resmastered clip. Bad voice acting, but damn good reptile TF.

  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu New clips to completed the last season. And dragons too!

  • Slugterra Ok, not much Transformation human wise, but still some cool looking creature those slug are turning into.

  • Spawn (Series) Resampled demonic clips. On a side note, I love McFarlanes' dragons figure. Wish they weren't that expensive.

  • Spawn (Movie) Same as the series.

  • Tom & Jerry Tales New clips and remastered old ones.

  • The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) Tom & Jerry... in flash. Sad to see all those Flash animations done to save cost, but by also cutting animation quality.

  • Tak and the Power of Juju CGI cartoon for a 3D games... With mostly poof TF sadly, except for growth. Growth is strangely easy to animate it seem.

  • Teen Titans Go! How to kill a show? Make a silly version of it that ridicule all it built. That's Teen Titans Go for you. While the self parody was fun at bit, is started to get boring fast. Still, some funny Transformations in it.

  • Transformers: Prime It has been years since we got a good Transformers shows (and Japanese Transformers don't count, they sucks!). Probably one of the best. And Predaking for the win!

  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise A sequel to the great show that was prime. Sadly, it fail miserably with slapstick humour. At least, we get to have Grimlock.

  • Voltron Force A short lived sequel with some Transformations and mind switches.

  • Wizards of Waverly Place A stupid show with stupid morph. Only half descent TF is the movie one. But how stupid can you be to think birds have feathers in their lungs... Stupid TF for a stupid shows with canned laughs.

  • Wreck-It Ralph Good movie, excellent cameo and with some TF too.

On  side note, feel free to promote the site. I was kind of hurt last night when I spotted a Transformation survey, and when offered a selection of influencing transformation site, the author listed a few of the old school site (TSA, Deviantart, Webber's Unicorn Dream, ), a bunch of furry porn sites, some specific crappy artist **cough** Arania *cough** explicitly, a recent pirated video site, but Shadowlord wasn't listed.

Seriously, the site has been updating since the past 17 years! And they put instead a pirate video site, some not improving  TF artist doing child pornography and other furry porn sites along side the TSA or Webber's site? That's rather insulting for all those past 17 years...

So, spread the word, this site isn't dead!