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Autumn update [Oct. 25th, 2016|01:05 am]

Hello Everyone,
Autumn is here, Halloween is approaching and an update has occurred.
This is a big update, but I was able to work on it during my hunt vacation, which was cut short thank to a quick kill, and global warming...

Also, if you have questions, recommendation, suggestion for the website, feel free to post them in the comment and I will be my please to answer them or see what I can do. But please, no "Please add Show X with over 9000 clips".

And as always, moral support or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media material such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

In summary:

7,05 GB of clips;
40 shows updated or added;
399 Transformation clips;
164 Scene clips

  • Batman the Animated Series SD resampling. Plenty of transformations and some classic one from this gems of animation.

  • Bunnicula Monsters and growths in this new series.

  • Boy and the Beast, The Anthro related transformation. A nice change of pace.

  • Doom Monster transformation. A movie that failed to meet the expectation. DNA monster instead of demons because of religious pressure? Come on...

  • Dinofroz Kids battling dragons by turning into dinosaurs while playing a board game. A mess plot wise? It sure is. It doesn't help the transformations are all hidden. At least there are some nice design.

  • HalloweenTown 3 - High Cheap costume transformations from a Disney cheap series

  • Hero Quest Wolf and monster transformations, mostly poof sadly. Nice wyvern though.

  • Epic Ferngully meets slugs and evils insect. Therefor, here come a shrink TF.

  • Farscape SD resampling and uploading missing files. Aliens and strange transformation.

  • From Dusk till Dawn SD resampling. A rare rat transformation. Wish the rat wasn't that dead looking.

  • I, Frankenstein Quick CGI gargoyles transformations. Kudo for introducing a new species, but some good CGI would be welcomed.

  • Incredible Hulk (1996) SD resampling and added new clips. Lots of Hulking out without the need of telling us who are who.

  • Iron Man Anime Inflation and Armor change. What else in an anime with Ironman?

  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures Some growth transformations, but plenty of reptilian characters in this strange adaptation of the Ironman story.

  • John Carter Shape-shifting alien into different people. Too bad it wouldn't try creature rather than humanoids.

  • Jumanji SD resampling and recovery of lost clips. Added the missing monkey transformation too.

  • Justice League vs Teen Titans Beast Boy and demons transformation in this latest Batman movie.

  • Laughing Cow, The Anthro bovine scenes, no TF.

  • LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! As with more Justice League related movies, here are some new Martian Manhunter shape-shifting clips.

  • Men in Black Resampling and recovery of the old files. Insect transformations are sadly too rare. In this Halloween period, it would be a nice change over all those werewolves TF.

  • Monkey King Havoc in Heaven's Palace, The A few transformation for Sun Wukonk (there, now you know where Son Goku came from) and most importantly, the Jade Emperor.

  • Mummy Returns Sadly no transformation, something reserved only to the 3rd installment. Still, it come with some anthro canines and scorpion taur scenes.

  • Nutty Professor, The A lots of weight gains in this remake.

  • Secret of NIMH, The Animals evolution transformation.

  • Silver Surfer Resampling of the original files. A bunch of aliens transformation.

  • Snow White and the Huntsman Another fairy tale re-imagining with some age transformations.

  • Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends SD resampling and upload, along with clips that were missed originally. As with most of the show in that era, poor transformation process, nice final design.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) New transformations clips and a few scenes of the cute Mona Lisa.

  • Thor: Tales of Asgard A missed opportunity for a TF. Still, some nice anthro wolf scene.

  • Thor: The Dark World Some shape-shifting from Loki.

  • The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) Another Tom and Jerry show, probably the second one. Bunch of poof TF, as usually seen in show from this era.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Latest transformations and scene from the series. Lots of Lizard transformations in this one.

  • Wabbit A Looney Tunes Production Another rehashing of the Bugs Bunny franchise. Misc transformations, but the monster ray is worth a look.

  • Wonder Woman HD version of current clips.

  • Xiaolin Chronicles A sequel to Xiaolon Showdown that fail to surpass the original series. The sacrifice on Rainmondo voided? The origin story of Chase Young scrapped? Dojo being a psychotic fanboy??? New voices actors?? Only FemShep sound good on the new cast.

  • Xiaolin Showdown Uploaded as MP4 and Metadata cleanup following the addition of Xiaolin Chronicles.

  • Zathura Junmanji meets space. Same plots, same game, different enemies (I prefer alien Lizards over monkeys).

Until next time