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Halloween Update [Oct. 25th, 2018|02:40 am]

Hello Everyone,
Halloween is approaching, and it's time for an update. This one is a big one. 

Hunting wasn't good this year. Bad weather, mixed with snow, rain and  strong wind, made it we were unsuccessful. To top that, we had  mechanical issues that forced us to extend our stay a bit.
This game me extra time to work and add on this update, which include both some site changes and new clips. 

First, some change were made to the site to comply with Google's services.
Because Google doesn't like placeholder, I was getting warning for show with mature content that would end up empty.
From now on, mature content will always be part of all results. If you  did not enable mature content, you'll get a "restricted" thumbs and a  warning message telling you must be logged in in order to view that  content.
Also, after someone mentioned that the 90 was a years full of  transformations cartoon, I added the field 'Release Year' to every show  and movie. 75% of the shows has already been labeled. The rest will come  in the future.

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I May update [May. 1st, 2018|01:11 am]

Happy May. Hope it isn't too cold or grey where you are.

It has been some time since the last big update, with a intermission update 3 months ago. Got to say, I've been very busy. That update feature a clean up of the Dragon Ball clips. That mean a LOT of episode to go through to refresh the older clips. Most were in HS (Half screen) format typical from VHS source. And Blu-ray conversions are very time consuming to get the 1080p format out.
In between, I had work, Furnal Equinox, where I wore my first were-bear costume (details on this journal . Now, if only I could get my hand on a good, realistic, dragon suit maker!. After that, was a trip to Florida, where my laptop broke and I was unable to get some progress done on this update. Thanks Crucial for failing my not even 1 year after buying your SSD.

But back to work after the vacation and time to finish that update. I added a few filler to it. Personal favorites are of course the latest Bunnicula and of course, due to my were bear costume, the were bear transformation from The Guardians.

Support are always appreciate. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

As for this update:
4.77 GB of clips;
35 shows updated or added;
215 Transformation clips;
107 Scene clips

Until next time

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February Update [Feb. 1st, 2018|12:52 am]

Here is a quick before Winter break update. Only 2 shows since it has been only 1 months and since I've been working on a bigger update in parallel. But I wanted to get Bunnicula released ASAP.

Special thanks to a person who made a generous donation and wishes to remain anonymous. That kind of support is really appreciated and is what keep me going. If you want to chip in, feel free to drop by the Supporters page.

As for this short update, it features:
904 MB of clips;
2 shows updated or added;
60 Transformation clips;
14 Scene clips

  • Ben 10 (2016) Another reboot of Ben 10. Got some neat transformation and scalies too.

  • Bunnicula Second season so far. For a series based on a kid show, this one really hit the nail on transformations and pop culture references (it's over 9000!) . A must to watch: the dinosaurs transformations episode and clips.

Until next time

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New Year Update [Dec. 30th, 2017|01:20 am]

Merry late Christmas and Happy Early New Year.

Here is the delayed December update. I had a last minute call from the hospital announcing me there was a cancellation and a spot for a carpal tunnel surgery. So I had my second surgery on Monday December 18th. So this is a 1.5 hand for most of the update.

This update is a bit post Halloween. All the Ghostbusters are included, as I just finished gathering a resampling of the animated series. A few new shows and movies are also present.

This update also feature a major change. My current video player, JW Player, decided to go from free to use to a membership format without proper warning (if your commercial email end up in the GMail spam mailbox, your service is badly configured). Since the change were to be enforced on January 1st, I had to pick another player rapidly.
With Google Analytic reporting that the majority of the viewer were using modern systems or browser, and since most solution offering support for all platforms are now paid solutions (Flow Player for instance), I decided to go with video.JS for HTML5 with Flash fallback.

I tested it on Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+ and Firefox and it seemed to be worked fine. I like video.JS because of some of the add-on that were supported, such as Flash fallback and slow motion speed. The only thing I need to work on is to find a way to remember which quality was previously used. By default, it fallback to low resolution, but it can be changed, when available, to HD by choosing a different resolution.

If you're experiencing issues and you're not using a no longer supported OS or browser (Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6 for example), let me know by using the contact form or one of the supported instant messenger mentioned in the same page. Or if you're reading this from one of the external site, you can use their Note system.

With 2017 ending, I would like to thanks the five persons who donated. Those who accepted got their name added to the Supporters page. And since the Holiday Season isn't over yet, if you want to offer your support, here is my Wish List:

  • Fan art support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade/Philippe transformations)

  • Anything from my Amazon Wishlist

  • Cash Donation (bottom of page)

  • Video material donation (Blu-Ray, DVD, iTunes vouchers, tapes, etc)

  • Moral Support

But back to the update. This update features:
4,84 GB of clips;
19 shows updated or added;
302 Transformation clips;
86 Scene clips

  • Animaniacs Resampling and new clips of this wacky show. Fingerprints!

  • Batman Vs. Two-Face A retro take at Batman, and sadly what became a posthumously homage to late Batman Adam West. Monstrous transformations present in that movie.

  • Beauty And The Beast (2017) One more animation turned live action from Disney. Glowing and poof transformations.

  • Big Fish & Begonia Dolphin transformations. There are so few cetacean transformations.

  • Despicable Me 3 Third movie of the series, featuring an inflation. Could have used more, considering it's themed on the 80'.

  • Elena of Avalor A new Disney spin-off show with a Latin American thematic. A few transformations, but typical Disney, not very detailed. Still, gecko!

  • Extreme Ghostbusters A continuity of the Real Ghostbusters in the "Extreme" era. Hopefully, they will release all the DVD one day.

  • Ghostbusters True HD resampling of the clip.

  • Ghostbusters (2016) A reboot who should have never happened. Who are you gonna call? Not them! One growth clip and they couldn't event beat the original transformation!

  • Ghostbusters (Filmations) A show born of a discord between 2 studios. A typical Filmation show with some transformations. New clips and resampling of old ones.

  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius A Dexter clone made into a movie. Shrinking transformations.

  • My Pet Dinosaur Kids try to save a dinosaur from the Military. Dinosaur Phones Home. But Magnus is really great looking, plus growth transformations!

  • Real Ghostbusters, The The series that gave a second life to the movie. Mature, yet funny and good for all ages... until they ruined it. Plenty of monsters and creatures transformations. Resampled old files and added a bunch of new ones.

  • Sharktopus Vs Whalewolf Finally some orca related transformation. Sadly, it's part of the Syfy cheap CGI movie, though the Akhlut is not too bad.

  • Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters The downfall of the Real Ghostbusters. Slimer and the bad executives! Inflation transformations.

  • Steven Universe Gem alien protecting earth. A new take on a classic theme. Bunch of transformations since they can shapeshift.

  • Tom and Jerry Golden Collection The first occurrence of the Cat and the Mouse. I especially remember the muscle inflation transformation from when I was a kid.

  • Valerian City Of A 1000 Planets Transformation by alien goo. I know this will please all the latex transformation fans.

  • Warrior's Gate, The Poof Lizard and progressive growth transformation. Why wasn't there any dragon magic powder???

Until next time

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August update [Aug. 22nd, 2017|12:41 am]

And summer is nearly over... Where did it go with all that work work and more work. Including some for this update.

Bunch of resampling and upload from past series that were partially uploaded. And of course, new content. I got to keep uploading the old stuff, resampling them, and add new content as they keep showing up!
After that, time to prepare the post hunting update!
And as usual, moral support (comments, chats, feedback) or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media materials such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

This update features:
5,38 GB of clips;
27 shows updated or added;
151 Transformation clips;
200 Scene clips

  • 7D, The Disney sure have money to waste to make this... things. At least, some poof transformations and dragons.

  • Axe Cop Kid writing stories for adult. Well, not so different that some stories that feel written by kids. Some weird context transformations.

  • Bande des Minijusticiers A French kids show about kids who use weird superpower to... bully the bullies? With a bunch of macro muscle growth.

  • Baoh Raihousha

  • Cambell Dog to bear for a grizzly appetite.

  • Castlevania Netflix's Castlevania with the potential transformation. Hopefully, we'll get to see more transformations in season 2. Come on Alucard. Show us your transformations!

  • Descendants 2 A dreadful singing sequel. With more dragon transformation, typically Disney poofed.

  • Doritos Chicken transformation for those who can't handle the spice.

  • Energizer Transformations in advertisements are always welcome. Dinosaur size growth in that case. I want those specific batteries!

  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer The F4 movies sure fail where other Marvel movies rise. Powers shifting transformations.

  • Future-Worm! It's to wonder where that show came from. Still, weirdness normally keep transformations close by.

  • Godzilla (1998) True HD resampling to sync with the animated series update.

  • Godzilla the Series SD resampling, new clips and plenty of nifty giant Lizard with tail shots!

  • Grimm Latest clips from the series finale.

  • Masters of the Universe The campy He-Man live action movie with armor change.

  • Mech-X4 Kids, dumb adults, typical Disney sitcom... with giant robots and monsters!

  • Men in Black (Series) SD resampling and new clips.

  • Men in Black True HD resampling.

  • Men in Black True HD resampling.

  • Mike Tyson Mysteries New clips from the last season.

  • Monsuno Another monster summoning fight show from toys. With mandatory transformation.

  • Horrid Henry: The Movie Bad cgi for a bad movie. The animated transformations were better.

  • Night Watch HD resampling.

  • Once Upon A Time Latest clips from the last season until the series soft reboot.

  • Royal Canadian Mint No transformation but an orca scene for the orca lovers. Someone get me that coin. :)

  • Supernoobs Last clips from the series finale.

  • Tokyo Grand Guignol An 'anatomically correct' mature transformation that isn't hentai or porn. Quite rare. Too bad it belong to the man-dog rather than a true were-dog. What An American Werewolf in London could have been without the Ken Doll. (Of course, you must be loged and have mature content enable to see it.)

Until next time

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June Update [Jun. 8th, 2017|12:56 am]

June... Should there be sun and warm? It's all rain, flood and grey here!

So time for an update before vacations begin!

Nothing overly huge, but I needed a break after the previous update. And then there was Andromeda!

And as usual, moral support (comments, chats, feedback) or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media materials such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

This update features:

3,3 GB of clips;

25 shows updated or added;

198 Transformation clips;

62 Scene clips

Until next time

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February update [Feb. 4th, 2017|03:38 am]

February is here and so is an update.
This one was a bit quicker than usual. I had had my winter vacations a bit earlier due to an hand surgery that was scheduled last Tuesday. And I usually do update work during my isolation time at my winter vacations.
Less clips, more shows this time around. Mostly due to a cleanup and addition of movies from the update queue.

Regarding the site, I've decided to close the art section. It's barely used, take resource and time to maintains.
Back then, Stonegate used to put pictures he collected in the artists section. I wasn't inclined to keep it that way as most are re-posted art without permissions. So it was changed to a gallery where people could upload their arts instead.
But with website like DeviantArt, ImvuAffinity Tumblr and many more, the need for a isolated arts gallery kind of lost its utility.

So, during the next update, the art section will be deactivated. If you have arts that is not stored anywhere else, please recover it. The files won't be deleted right away, but the sections and databases will be purged. The next update should occur sometime during March, so you have 1 month to recover your files, if you need to.
Also, if you have questions, recommendation, suggestion for the website, feel free to post them in the comment and I will be my pleasure to answer them or see what I can do.

And as always, moral support (comments, chats, feedback) or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media materials such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

In summary, this update feature:

5,40 GB of clips;
45 shows updated or added;
295 Transformation clips;
121 Scene clips

  • 14 Going On 30 A movie whose ending was often confused with the one from Big. Age change transformations.

  • Atomic Puppet You want a show with some good content that think outside the box? Don't ask the USA and their crappy agenda (unless if they work for Netflix or Dreamworks). Ask Canadians or Frenches. Inflation, growth, were-chicken and giant monsters transformations.

  • Batman & Mr. Freeze - Subzero Resample and upload. No transformations, but some polar bear scenes. Got to love those bulky mammals.

  • Buffy: the Vampire Slayer Resample of the old clips along with some missing ones from marvel of a series. While there werewolves sucked, the reptiles rocked!

  • Cracked A series of short slapstick episodes. So expect a few slapstick transformations: inflation, weight gain, etc.

  • Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe Two movies, same book, different stories. See Mojin for the zombie transformation, this one only has some scalies.

  • Degree Bulky animals. No transformations.

  • Despicable Me A nice movie with started a transformation prone franchise. Not many animals transformation but plenty of minions.

  • Despicable Me 2 Fuzzy monsters transformation in the sequel. Hopefully, the 3rd movie will have its share if transformation as the 80 had its share of transformation shows.

  • Dilbert Resampling and upload of old clips. Not much to say. Too bad there wasn't a Transformation machine made for the show.

  • Dr Scholl Shoes turning into nice scalies. I want those!

  • Dude, Where's My Car? Dumb pot movie with the transformations to go with it.

  • Federal Express No transformations, but some dinosaurs.

  • Freaky Friday (2003) A remake of a classic of body switching

  • Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within Werewolf transformations from the computer game. A remake of the first game should be in the next update.

  • Garfield's Pet Force Cheap CGI, therefor cheap poof body swap. But a few furry transformation.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy New clips. Mostly growth and alien dragons.

  • .Hack//SIGN Resampling and upload of old clips. Too bad there is no animal transformations in this MMORPG. That would have been a great game.

  • Harry Potter and the Sorceror Stone First of the Harry Potter movie. The first one were a bit childish, but it matured as the actor grew up.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets And the Harry Potter movie that gave furries a boner: Cat Hermione. Not one of the best, snake murdering and bad specie calling.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Now the transformations are getting interesting: yay to were-sharks! To bad it got tainted with dragon murdering. At least, it was just a wyvern.

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The story starts to get darker. Sadly, the transformations are getting fewer. We now have a shape-shifter with practically no screen time.

  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Not much transformation wise. Only a chair.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 A snake transformation that could have been better.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 And the transformations are gone. Nice white wyvern though that get saved for a change.

  • Horns Demon related transformation. And of course, snakes have to be involved. Herpetophobia!

  • Hulk - Where Monsters Dwell In the same line of Agent of Smash and Avengers Assemble: A dumbed down animated movie for kids with no brain. Great creatures, horrible plot. Your worst fear are Minotaur? At the very least, let it be fear of bovine and being tramped. But nope. Fear of Minotaur... I want to be afraid of dragon then!

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Deadly age progression. I wish there was an apocalyptic grail that would turn you into a dragon. Missed opportunity. :)

  • Inspector Gadget (2015) Fountain of youth episode, therefor age change transformations.

  • Jupiter Ascending Not much transformation wise (alien holograms), but damn hot anthro dragons. Probably the best ones seen in any movie (if any movies at all).

  • Knights of Badassdom LARP gone bad with monster transformations lacking details

  • Luna Varga Resampling and upload of old clips. Typical 80 anime with Kaiju and thankfully, not too much fan services.

  • Maeterlinck's Blue Bird One of the show I saw during my childhood and which I spotted the transformations, especially the anthro ones. Sadly for most of you, it's in french as it's one of the many French / Japan co-productions made during the 80.

  • Meet the Robinsons No transformations, but an adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Mojin - The Lost Legend Two movies, same book, different stories. Zombies transformation, but see Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe for scalies.

  • Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors True HD resampling and upload. Not a memorable transformation and resorting of the vore scene.

  • Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master True HD resampling and upload. That cockroach is one of the best transformation in it's category. Good insect transformations are quite rare.

  • Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child True HD resampling and upload. Gruesome but original transformations.

  • Phineas and Ferb New clips added. Mostly growth and Avengers rip-off. The best transformation of the show is still the were-cow.

  • Rise of the Guardians Only a growth transformation.

  • Song of the Sea A selkie animated movie. I wish the selkie transformations would have been more detailed. Why is animal transformation taboo but not getting killed by stonification?

  • Supernoobs Why, but why, are TV with extreme transformation potential are given to cheap ass animators and writer? A shape shifting device... With bad flash animation and effect. It has some nice transformations, but fail in the delivery. Still, nice dragons and Kaiju transformations.

  • Trollhunters Netflix and Dreamworks have a knack in making good series with great characters and plots. Trolls related transformations of course (troll, stone, etc) and some nice tails shots :)

  • Wild Swans (1977) Another anime from my childhood, aired a long time ago during Ciné-Cadeau, the same place that hooked my to dragons and transformations. Swans transformations. That should please a certain boidy.

  • X-Men: First Class Finally a live action Beast transformation. All that is missing is a full body shot of the transformation rather than just showing feet and hands.

Until next time

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Autumn update [Oct. 25th, 2016|01:05 am]

Hello Everyone,
Autumn is here, Halloween is approaching and an update has occurred.
This is a big update, but I was able to work on it during my hunt vacation, which was cut short thank to a quick kill, and global warming...

Also, if you have questions, recommendation, suggestion for the website, feel free to post them in the comment and I will be my please to answer them or see what I can do. But please, no "Please add Show X with over 9000 clips".

And as always, moral support or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media material such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

In summary:

7,05 GB of clips;
40 shows updated or added;
399 Transformation clips;
164 Scene clips

  • Batman the Animated Series SD resampling. Plenty of transformations and some classic one from this gems of animation.

  • Bunnicula Monsters and growths in this new series.

  • Boy and the Beast, The Anthro related transformation. A nice change of pace.

  • Doom Monster transformation. A movie that failed to meet the expectation. DNA monster instead of demons because of religious pressure? Come on...

  • Dinofroz Kids battling dragons by turning into dinosaurs while playing a board game. A mess plot wise? It sure is. It doesn't help the transformations are all hidden. At least there are some nice design.

  • HalloweenTown 3 - High Cheap costume transformations from a Disney cheap series

  • Hero Quest Wolf and monster transformations, mostly poof sadly. Nice wyvern though.

  • Epic Ferngully meets slugs and evils insect. Therefor, here come a shrink TF.

  • Farscape SD resampling and uploading missing files. Aliens and strange transformation.

  • From Dusk till Dawn SD resampling. A rare rat transformation. Wish the rat wasn't that dead looking.

  • I, Frankenstein Quick CGI gargoyles transformations. Kudo for introducing a new species, but some good CGI would be welcomed.

  • Incredible Hulk (1996) SD resampling and added new clips. Lots of Hulking out without the need of telling us who are who.

  • Iron Man Anime Inflation and Armor change. What else in an anime with Ironman?

  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures Some growth transformations, but plenty of reptilian characters in this strange adaptation of the Ironman story.

  • John Carter Shape-shifting alien into different people. Too bad it wouldn't try creature rather than humanoids.

  • Jumanji SD resampling and recovery of lost clips. Added the missing monkey transformation too.

  • Justice League vs Teen Titans Beast Boy and demons transformation in this latest Batman movie.

  • Laughing Cow, The Anthro bovine scenes, no TF.

  • LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! As with more Justice League related movies, here are some new Martian Manhunter shape-shifting clips.

  • Men in Black Resampling and recovery of the old files. Insect transformations are sadly too rare. In this Halloween period, it would be a nice change over all those werewolves TF.

  • Monkey King Havoc in Heaven's Palace, The A few transformation for Sun Wukonk (there, now you know where Son Goku came from) and most importantly, the Jade Emperor.

  • Mummy Returns Sadly no transformation, something reserved only to the 3rd installment. Still, it come with some anthro canines and scorpion taur scenes.

  • Nutty Professor, The A lots of weight gains in this remake.

  • Secret of NIMH, The Animals evolution transformation.

  • Silver Surfer Resampling of the original files. A bunch of aliens transformation.

  • Snow White and the Huntsman Another fairy tale re-imagining with some age transformations.

  • Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends SD resampling and upload, along with clips that were missed originally. As with most of the show in that era, poor transformation process, nice final design.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) New transformations clips and a few scenes of the cute Mona Lisa.

  • Thor: Tales of Asgard A missed opportunity for a TF. Still, some nice anthro wolf scene.

  • Thor: The Dark World Some shape-shifting from Loki.

  • The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) Another Tom and Jerry show, probably the second one. Bunch of poof TF, as usually seen in show from this era.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Latest transformations and scene from the series. Lots of Lizard transformations in this one.

  • Wabbit A Looney Tunes Production Another rehashing of the Bugs Bunny franchise. Misc transformations, but the monster ray is worth a look.

  • Wonder Woman HD version of current clips.

  • Xiaolin Chronicles A sequel to Xiaolon Showdown that fail to surpass the original series. The sacrifice on Rainmondo voided? The origin story of Chase Young scrapped? Dojo being a psychotic fanboy??? New voices actors?? Only FemShep sound good on the new cast.

  • Xiaolin Showdown Uploaded as MP4 and Metadata cleanup following the addition of Xiaolin Chronicles.

  • Zathura Junmanji meets space. Same plots, same game, different enemies (I prefer alien Lizards over monkeys).

Until next time

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End of summer update [Aug. 31st, 2016|09:12 am]

Hello Everyone,

Summer is ending. Kids are returning to work, roads are jammed with traffic. Still, time for an update!
Can't say this summer was restful.. Plenty of overtime, which delayed the update since the previous one.
This update is a bit of a mix between new clips and resampling of older clips at higher resolution and MP4 conversion for full resolution streaming (the HD button on the player).

And as always, moral support or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media material such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

In summary:

5,24 GB of clips;

24 shows;

305 Transformation clips;

173 Scene clips

  • Archie's Weird Mysteries: Resampled and missing clips from the Archies show, know for the classical werewolf Transformation.

  • Box of Delights, The: An old BBC series with hand painted TF. The forest animal TF is not bad.

  • Brothers Grimm, The: A mix of fairie tales. Too bad there was nothing more than wolf transformations.

  • Celeberty Deathmatch: Resampling of claymation transformation.

  • Creature: Resampling of shark monster into a more monstrous monster. To bad it's cheap dark on dark. Sharks are cool (unless they're in sucky tornadoes)

  • Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: A crossover between cyborgs and demons, with plenty of demon tranformations.

  • DC Super Hero Girls The DC series for girls. Thanksfully, Best Boy is there to entertain everyone else with his tranformations.

  • Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn: A game based movie, who, as most easterner production, take the word dragon very vaguely.

  • Decoys 2: Alien Seduction: HD version plus missing clips of lizard aliens seductress.

  • Grimm: Creatures transformation from the last season of the monster hunter detective. One more season left before the finale.

  • Hulk: A reboot of the Hulk that was off the track. Thanks for the RE-Reboot that came a few years later.

  • Huntik: Secrets & Seekers A few monters tranformation and good reptilian character scenes (yay Pendragon!) . An European series is anice change of pace from all the recycled USA shows.

  • Imaginext: Dinosaur toys with bulging spinosaurus (yes, quick animated toy muscle inflation).

  • Incredible Hulk (2008): A much better iteration following the WTF origin story from the 2003 movies. Got to love the bulging scally back of the Abomination. If only we could get a good dragon TF done the same way.

  • Kong Mp4 availability and missing clips from the movies. One of my first show here and a great source of giant anthropomorphic creatures and transformation.

  • Josie and the Pussy Cats: Typical canned soup Hanna-Barbera 70' shows. At least there was some 70' 'sppof' transformation...

  • Men in Black II: HD version and clips sorting. The other movies will follow in the next update.

  • Outer Limits, The: Resampling of older file and MP4 availability.

  • The Princess and the Frog: Frogs TF and some nice gator tails!

  • Star Wars Clone Wars: Some alien TF from this short lived filler series.

  • Super Hero Squad Show, The: HD version of the previous clips and MP4 availability. Reptil transformation are the best part of the show.

  • Transformers Cybertron: One of the many Japanese made Transformer series. Lets face it, North American Transformers beat the Asian one anytime, if not for the animation.

Until next time

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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2016|01:06 am]

Hello Everyone,

Time for end of an April, early May, while we wait for spring to finally arrive (well, if you live in a Northern area).
Nothing special to say other that it's a bit reptile featured. Dragon transformation, dinosaurs scenes and transformations, furless werew.. wait, no those aren't reptile, just Hollywood werewolves.

I'll also be featuring update on another site.
So far, updates were broadcasted on the site front page, on my DeviantArt page, on my Live Journal and on the site Yahoo Group which also serve as a broadcast list.
I'll now be featuring update on my old FurAffinity account. Yeah I know, I left the site since the pedofur event from 2006, but friends have been convincing return, to at least be able to message them. I won't be as active as I am on DeviantArt, but I will broadcast some site status there too now.

And as always, moral support or fan support (Dragoniade or Dragoniade's transformation fan arts, transformation media material such as DVD, iTunes vouchers or tapes for the site, etc) are always welcome.

In summary:

4.98 GB of clips;
38 shows;
205 Transformation clips;
102 Scene clips

  • Action Man (1995) When I first bought the DVD, I thought it was the CGI version of the show. I wasn't aware there was an iteration before that one. At least it wasn't totally a loss as there was an age change in one episode.

  • Batman The Brave and the Bold The clips from the last season of the series.

  • Big One of the movies that kick started Tom Hanks career which happened to be a transformation movie. Actually, his 2 of his early years movies were transformation ones.

  • Big Top Scooby-Doo! After all those were-cat and other monster, it's time for Scooby to taste a bit of the transformation medicine by becoming a were-human, even in a dream.

  • Bitten The clips from the last season. The series is finished. Can't say I'm sad, it took until the very last 20 minutes for the main character to do what should have been done decade ago.

  • Descendants If it wasn't for the half descent dragon CGI, that show would have been worth a zero. Poof transformation, bad acting and bad Disney teen comedy.

  • Face Off More makeup transformation from the last 2 seasons. And dragon like creatures got the winning streak on that last season!

  • Garfield Show, The Garfield, in 3D, but not as a movie (it rime).

  • Gravity Falls A marvelous show that has come to an end. One of the few marvel produced by Disney. If you haven't watched Gravity Fall yet, go watch it!

  • Grimm More clips from the Wessen and some nice masks too.

  • HalloweenTown 2 - Kalabar's Revenge Yet another Disney Channel 'original' movie.

  • HalloweenTown 4 - Return to HalloweenTown Better than the previous, but not much to expect from a Disney teen movie.

  • He Is a Dragon Well a dragon (sorry wyvern) we all want, ending with a big maiden / dragon kiss. There seem to be a quite few transformation movies coming from Russia this year.

  • Jumanji A series parallel to the movie. Looking through the DVD, I found out Peter got transformed a lot more. You know, if cheating would get you transformed, I would be cheating a lot more.

  • Jurassic Park Re-sampling and re-categorizing old clips. And some nifty dinosaurs

  • Kong: King Of The Apes The latest Kong series. Expect growth and lots of dinosaurs, but nothing as good as Kong: The animated Series which featured giant anthro transformation in nearly every episodes! They even copied the theme song!

  • Lost World: Jurassic Park Idem. Re-sampling and re-categorizing old dinosaur clips

  • Jurassic Park 3 Completing the old series with more dinosaurs. I wish there were TF in them though.

  • Marvel Superhero Adventures Frost Fight A descent mash up of the lastest character from Disney's mess on Marvel. Thankfully, Reptil is present, though under used. We want some T-Rex and brontosaurus TF damn it!

  • Mask, The (Movie) Some cartoony transformation in a live action show.

  • Mike Tyson Mysteries A silly and mature show mocking Scooby-doo but featuring... Mike Tyson.

  • Mini Witch, The Witch squatting a forest and doing magics

  • Next Avengers : Heroes of Tomorrow We have to give it to DC, they make better animated movies than Marvel. Still, there are some of the classical Avengers transformations.

  • Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster Some frog to humanoid monsters.

  • Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf Some re-sampled poof werewolves transformations.

  • Shadowgate (2014) What's a classical book and paper like adventure game without some transformation bad ending? Shadowgate don't fail in that aspect.

  • Shrek Some inflation, an ogre TF and of course: dragon (non TF sadly)!

  • Shrek 2 Some more of Shrek. But if Shrek got turned into a human by the potion to be Fiona's hero, why didn't donkey turn into a dragon? Such a missed opportunity!

  • Shrek the Third Not as transformation prone as the other 2, but more of Dragon scenes!

  • Shrek Forever After Even less transformation, but there was at least an inflation and some more scene of Dragon.

  • Splash A classical mermaid transformation for the older transformation fans. The second of Tom Hanks well known transformation films.

  • Titan AE No transformation on this one, but scene from our friendly Kangaroo like alien: Stith.

  • Underworld A series featuring sick, furless.. tailless... werewolves? Wait. Those monstrosity are called 'Lycan". Guess dragons aren't the only one getting shafted by Hollywood when it come to design.

  • Underworld: Evolution Look like werewolves from the past were more hairy than today's werewolves. Damn hairs product!

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans More fur, less muzzle, and even less tails. Well, I guess they're more wereapes than werewolves

  • Underworld: Awakening Well, this time, they manage to have a body that look more wolfish. But still no tail. Guess Hollywood suffer from Caudaphobia.

  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit A were rabbit transformation. Good movie with an original transformation. It make a change from all the werewolves.

  • Young Justice A great show that was sadly short lived that took over where Teen Titans left in term of quality, even surpassing it. It's really sad to see that Teen Titan GO is outliving this series.

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