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December Update and Wishlist - Dragoniade's Den [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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December Update and Wishlist [Dec. 22nd, 2015|04:35 pm]

Three months past, and here's the before Christmas update.

  • 10 GB of files,

  • 45 Shows,

  • 678 Files.

Since it is the holiday, I've decided to put my wishlist here along the update. Let's hope I will have more luck with a wishlist than a Santa's exchange, which turned out badly last time I had one (Zelda comic trade with a certain Japanese Fox for instance)...

  • Transformation Fan arts of yours truly.
    Source reference can be found on my DeviantArt Gallery or on entry in the character section. It can be anything featuring me (human or dragon) transforming into what you want.

  • A FaceRig compatible 3d model of yours truly
    I've been wanting to get myself a 3d model of Dragoniade. I got one of my dragon form, but it's not a finish product and unusable for anything that looking at, due to the sheer size of the file. And unusable on FaceRig, which I would like to use to make some presentation video for the site.

  • Media donation.
    You have a DVD, Blu-ray, iTune gift card of a show, series, movies, etc that is either not featured on the site or is is in a low resolution (320x240), and don't need it? I can use it to digitize and update the site.

  • Dragonide's little helper.
    Rawr Rawr Rawr, Merry Dragonmas, and happy new Transformation. Well, the site is time consuming. Having to juggle between job, personal leisure, hunting and making the clips, processing the update and everything else. That leave me few time to work on the code of the site (Programming, Css, Javascript, etc). Especially since I feel that the site could use a refreshing and take a more modern, mobile friendly. So any Java, Html5, Css, Javascript help would be welcome. As for content, if you have original content, which mean clips you've processed yourself and not something you've extracted from YouTube, contact me.

And without further ado, here's the details of the update:

  • Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem The second Batman Unlimited movie. Bunch of Dinosaur related content and transformation.

  • Berserk The Golden Age Man into Minotaur-like demon.

  • Clash of the Titans

  • Wrath of the Titans It's popular to pit Greek heroes and pit them into stories that never had any relation to their origin story... At least we get to see some good creatures, and average Transformation.

  • Conan the Barbarian That classic snake transformation. Why does it had to be snake? Because snakes are cool!

  • The Critic Movie critic with some movie related transformations.

  • Decoys 2: Alien Seduction Aliens killing dumped down college student. Who would have thought of that... Average costume, cheap morphing.

  • Deep Blue Sea No transformation since the vore refactoring has begun, but.. SHARKS, and not stupid sharks from a tornado.

  • Dr. Dimensionpants Dimension slider, silly unicorn being mocked of and transformations! What more to ask?

  • Diablo II The game that kicked the series, and Blizzard's 3d mastery. Good old big tailed demon transformation, and of course, a shapeshifter class.

  • Diablo III Not a transformation good as it's predecessor, will a less spectacular Diablo one. Lets home another shapeshifter class make it.

  • Face Off More morph transformations from the latest season.

  • Ferngully The Last Rainforest Remastered files.

  • Forbidden Empire, The Demon transformation. Got to love those hooves. But that will never beat scaly feet :)

  • Godzilla (1998) Recovered lost files. No transformation, but a beautiful reptilian monster.

  • Gladiators of Rome A rare good Minotaur transformation. Could have use more beef on the upper body though.

  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Some transformations, but a dinoload of dinosaurs, and some with implied transformation too. Winged Tyrannosaurus-Rex... Murrr!

  • Hulk Vs

  • Hulk transformations.
  • Inspector Gadget A classic of my childhood. A bit frustrated I missed re-recording the rerun after finding a lost list of clips.

  • Inspector Gadget (2015) Finally a TF that isn't transformation related. And taking a pun at a classical.

  • Invizimals A (nother) series based on a game... where you can become the monster (rather than enslave them). Good cartoon CGI, awful transformation CGI. Still, gotta love big tailed creatures :)

  • Jane and the Dragon Cute and well designed dragon. Too bad there's no transformation.

  • JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Age progression. Too bad this DC animated movie wasn't as good as the other ones.

  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Sharks and ORCA!!! but sadly lacking in the transformation department. Come on Aquaman, learns how to transform people into sea creatures, especially orcas.

  • Last Unicorn A classic from the 80. Remastered old files, added missing transformations, and added bulky bull scenes.

  • Life Force Remastered files of that space vampires movie.

  • G.I.Joe Ah, the toys from my childhood. Only saw the series starting with dragonfire when I was young. Still one of the few orca transformation, even though it scale 9/10 on the weird factor.

  • G.I.Joe the Movie The movie bridging the 2 original series. Go snake transformation.

  • Max Steel (2013) A reboot of the series, now featuring aliens and merging, to sell more toys! Transformation, in cheap blur CGI. Concept great, result, not so much.

  • Mighty Hercules Added missing clips from the previous update.

  • Monsters Vs Aliens Monsters that are not the bad guys. Too bad the movie didn't score high to gives us a sequel with more different monsters.

  • Monsters Vs Aliens The usual series that follows a movie... It had potential, but was totally rushed out.

  • Old Spice Well, only a centaur scene and no transformation, unless you consider putting a man on a mare body for a male product brand a transgender transformation...

  • Once Upon A Time More clips from the latest season. Wish Disney were less cheap on their series CGI than on their movies. Green poof Transformations are so boring. Only the end results aren't. Go Lilith!

  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Traveling through world and changing to fit in. If that wasn't core to Dragoniade's story, I would have liked it even then. Best world, dragon world!

  • Prince of Egypt What is the holiday without religious propaganda?

  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Students turning into monsters when emotionally challenged. Would have been good if not repetitive.

  • Reign of Fire Like Deep Blue Sea: reclassification and scene of Speudo-dragon.

  • Road Rovers A series about anthropomorphic dogs. A furry wet dream. The werewolf transformation is a classic though.

  • The Smurfs 2 For once CGI transformations are good. Could have been longer lasting though.

  • Stan Lee's Mighty 7 Wish they had gone to full animated feature rather than an hybrid between animated comic and animated film. Still, plenty of reptilian aliens (stand lee should stop with evil reptiles though) and some transformations, including a reptile one.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Not much transformation wise, but finally the Triceraton arrives, and with some other neat reptilian aliens. When will they show a Triceraton transformation? :)

  • Totally Spies All clips and various transformations Too bad some are bad partial transformation (a dolphin rostrum is NOT a bit nose, it's a jaw)

  • Ultimate Book of Spells Who came first? Harry Potter or UBOS? The ultimate question to all the magic school fanboys. Still, some good dragon design, but mostly kid shows transformations effect

  • World of Quest Re-sampled and added missing clips caught on the rerun.

Time to prepare the next update to get some done during the holiday. Until next time!