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Latest Shadowlord Inc. Update [Sep. 21st, 2015|01:04 am]

I finally was able to push the update before the announced deadline.

Summer sucks here for that. People going to vacations, this giving you their workload on top of yours.

Then the family hay farming and saying my good-byes to my Grand-Mother...

But I rather take longer to make an update, to be proud of it to see it legit, that rely on others paycheck to update it. Still, I got a smile when my previous red flag riled some bull.

Next is moose hunting and hopefully, some update work during that time.

On another note, I changed players for the video. The previous one, called Sublime Video Player, back-stabbed all of their clients and sold themselves to Daily Motions, leaving everyone looking for an alternative, only to give their player for free AFTER pulling the plug and keeping everyone wondering what will happen when they pull the plug.

Well, I decided to switch to JW Player instead. It does the work, and it look more professional. On thing for sure, Daily Motion sure lost a customer.

Without much further ado, here are the show updated:

6.02 GB of clips;

22 shows;

308 Transformation clips;

327 Scene clips

  • Alligator Alley The least I can say, is that the CGI are better than the average. But the transformations, and the whole movies by itself, is crude. At least they went for something not used a lot and is one to add to the list after Repligator.

  • Digimon Adventures Resampled to SD and lots of Digimon Digivolution. Also, as with the first 3 seasons, fixed up the mess left by Stonegate in the scene clips and characters info...

  • Digimon Adventures 02 More resampled digivolutions, and other TF. And a banned scene, because peeing frighten United-Statians childs.

  • Digimon Tamers More resampled digivolutions and human TF. Probably the best season in my book, followed by Savers and Frontier. And some scene made me remember the animes from the '80.

  • Garfield and Friends After months of recording, I finally was able to get all the episodes and clips of the show without STEALING it... And it was a pain to locate the 'unknown' ones. But it's finally done, with even more transformations!

  • Hyenas Point given for picking a rare creature to make were of but... Bad cgi blood, bad cgi animals... Please, stop using bad cgi!

  • The Librarians Wasted potential with bad CGI. If you go for a fantasy themed show, invest in your creature design!

  • Mighty Hercules Take a TF sequence, put it in a show, and you have Mighty Hercules TF. Well, it's from the 70, you can't really expect 30 fps transformations :)

  • Never Cry Werewolf Fright Night with werewolves. Wait.. The original Fright night had a very good werewolf revert transformation.

  • Once Upon A Time A lot of TF potentials, sadly wasted with poof and smokes...

  • Pegasus Vs Chimera Cheap cgi, bad creature knowledge, horse growing wings... Next!

  • Riddles of the Sphinx An Indiana Jones rip-off try to save the world from a deadly sphinx.

  • Scooby-Doo Abracadabra-Doo Resampled the Griffin scenes. No TF sadly.

  • Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery Usual weight gain from Scooby and Shaggy, and some size growth. Oh, and bear. Who don't like bears?

  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Probably the best of the various Scooby-Doo series. Finaly some mysteries that are real, and not just some dudes in costumes.

  • Sonic Underground Resampled and added new clips. Mostly from Dingo and his unexplained shape-shifting power.

  • Spider-Man Unlimited Resampled to SD. A short lived show with one of the first Jameson Werewolf TF. Done before Disney screwed with the characters...

  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil New disney series with potential of "I messed up" transformations. Lets cross claws.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) More transformation clips and scenes from your favorite rhino character: Rocksteady!

  • Thundercats (2011) A short lived reboot of the Thundercats franchise. While it feature the same TF set as the original, the mutants, especially the lizards, are much better drawn. Thick tails!

  • Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon Well, this would have been great if the TF had been to the level of Bartok's one. Helas, most of it his hidden. At least, there are some dragon scenes to go along.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Latest clips from the washed up Disney's Spider-Man.

Next update? In a few months (I can't plan my work schedule, I have to work for other to get their checks)...

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ShadowlordInc Updated [Jul. 21st, 2015|12:30 am]

Hello Everyone,

Here is a long due update. Well, not so long, last one was 3 months ago.

5.66 Gb in 589 files over 24 shows.

  • Adventures of Pinocchio, The So many Pinocchio donkey... Sooo overrated.

  • Angel Links Not much transformations but... Duuz Delax Rex!!!

  • Atlantis After Merlin, yet another BBC series that totally screws the original myth with a lengthy plot that fail to deliver.

  • Avengers Assemble One failure of a continuation... People wondered if Disney buying Marvel would hurt them.. Well, 3 shows and 3 sucks... Look like it. At least there are TF and reptiles.

  • Batman: Assault on Arkham What is Batman without at least a Bane muscle inflation?

  • Batman The Brave and the Bold Resampled video to HD. Bunch of TF.

  • Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Another Batman classic: the Man-bat, with cheap wing animation. Yet, it's always nice to see Man-Bat and Killer Croc.

  • Beware the Batman Cheap CGI for a shot lived Batman show. While DC can make great animated movie, their 3D shows fails!

  • Bitten Season 2 of Bitten with, of course, more werewolves.. How original... Please, someone make a show with something more than fricking wolves!

  • Black Mask 2: City of Masks Kung fu movies and a mad geneticist. At least the reptiles masks are descent.

  • Brave A typical Disney movie transformation: all hidden. But the bears and horse are so nicely rendered!

  • Cabin in the Woods, The A group of young adult in the wood, some mysterious laboratory, and a twist in the horror movie genre. Wish something else had been picked rather than zombie.

  • Camp Lakebottom More transformation. The chicken is still one of the few one worthwhile.

  • Chronicles Of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Some cool dragon. At least, they give the dragon a lot more visibility. Too bad there was not a detailed transformation and that he had to get rid of it.

  • Chronicles of Narnia (BBC), The The first adaptation with very bad costume. Well, I guess some furries would want to get their hand on those. Both version of The 3rd book have been include so that you can compare (or laugh) at the difference.

  • Golden Child, The Eddie Murphy protecting a kid from a shape-shifting demon.

  • Horrid Henry When a naughty kid got imagination, you get to have some TF. And there are quite a few nice ones too, especially the dinosaur ones.

  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Yet another Disney/Marvel mess... They should have called the Super Hulkies, in honor to the Superfriends, since they both share the same writing errors. Still, some nice reptilian critters... and DEVIL DINOSAUR!

  • Justice League - War Yet another Justice League origin story but this time, Darkseid centered.

  • Kung Fu Dino Posse All you need to make an action cartoon: anthropomorphic reptiles? Checked! Martial Art? Check! Villain with an ego? Check! Not taking itself seriously? CHECKED!

  • Red: Werewolf Hunter (YAWM) Yet another werewolf movie. With cheap CGI and cheap werewolf, aka furry with no tails.

  • Son of Batman Nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah... MAN-BATS and Killer Croc.

  • Stardust Blurry goat, bird and chinchilla TF for people without budget.

  • Superman vs the Elite Only a dragon scene.

Next update scheduled before 7 October 2015 :)

P.S. Transformation Fanart or plain fanart as a sign of support are always appreciated. I'm still pondering organizing another contest in that matter. You're opinion is welcome if you have something to say about that idea.

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Latest Shadowlord Inc. Update [Apr. 30th, 2015|12:14 am]

Hi Everyone,

Back from vacation in Florida and had a great time. Basked to the sun, saw alligators, lizards, orca and dolphins. And I meet Lucern.

But now, back to work with an update.

What has been updated:

Until next update and support and chat/feedback are always welcome!
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Site status update [Dec. 31st, 2014|12:29 am]

The end of the year is approaching, and it's time to post an update on the current status of the site.

The last update is dated from last March and since then, nothing.

Two projects were on the table:

  • The search engine and a bunch of fix / update on the layout and features, such as the addition of streaming video.

  • A traditional update with new clips.

However, something happened in May: a member of my family was diagnosed with cancer. A month later, they finally found a buyer for their house.

This lead to a series of cancellations that affected the site.

Normally, I take my vacation time away from the Internet and distraction (going fishing, etc) to work on an update. This got cancelled, thus the free time I usually took for the site was gone.

With my relative sick and needing to move his belonging to the new place, I took days off from works to help. You may not know, but moving from one farm to another imply a LOT of stuff to carry over. And both aren't next door to each other.

And my job doesn't really allow to take days off. Therefore, the days taken were simply retaken as overtime later on, which kind of remove the free time I would have spent working on the site.

Hunting was also cancelled, which was another of such time away from distraction.

This lasted until last week.

Now, things are settling back in place. My relative had had his surgery. They are at their new place. My accumulated work has been cleared at the office. I've cleared the 6000 accumulated deviations on DeviantArt. I can resume where I left.

First thing first, I will finish the code update. Search and streaming has been on hold for too long. And a certain name not longer associated with the site has to be removed.

Second, nearly a year is way too long between updates. I know I don't have the luxury of having all my days work-free and not worrying about a job, but that's not excuse. Especially with the last donation (of the very few I receive) I just received (which I'm very grateful, thank you).
So for 2015, I'll try, no, need, to get more updates rolling.

But I may repeat myself, help would be welcome. I'm all alone on the site. Stonegate is gone. Feedback is non-existent. I only got feedback from 1 or 2 persons. References are few, I only 3 have been referring me useful content to look for. And no, messages like "Please update the site with 15 angry bird TF clips" are not helpful. I need the name of the show, movies, game. I need which episode. I need something to work with. Especially since I don't pirate all my clips, and looking at every single episode of a series really can be time consuming.

I could also use help in labelling clips. I need at least one person to identify clips, which doesn't have an existing character, which feature a male or female character. I can do fuzzy search to put that flag, based on generic word like man, woman, girl, etc., but that will leave room to erroneous entries, and as a perfectionist, I hate that kind of mistake.

So, if you can help and want to help, please contact me. I would like to make a contributor / supporter page and be able to put some name on it.

Sorry again for the bad 2014 years of update. Lets wish for a better 2015!

And sorry to any email I may have not replied for. Some may get lost in all the mayhem, and if you don't mind for late reply, always feel free to remind me and send your message again (as long it's not for more Angry Bird clip).


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Furpocalypse/Furfright Hotel Room [Sep. 17th, 2014|12:42 am]
Here come this time of the year again.

Sorry for the lack of activity online, both here and on the (TF) site.
I'm not someone to bring personal issues online, but just lets say that some family misfortunes had me reschedule my whole summer and fall plans, which included cancelling long dues vacations and the much needed rest that come with it. But you can't really plan cancer...

The only vacation I'm giving myself until next year will be the defunct Furfright, now called Furpocalypse.

As like the previous year, I got a room, but on the first overflow hotel in front of the main hotel, the Quality Inn hotel.
So I'm again looking for quiet roommates to share the room cost, or should anyone had an extra space in the main hotel, a bed in there.

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March Transformation Update [Mar. 26th, 2014|12:55 am]

5 months since the last update. Been a long rush since last time, but it's finally there. Before I would like to mention something that may interest the transformation fans.

Cheasy Dino has been organizing podcast, named 'Changing Time' with various members of the transformation community, including people like Catmonk Shiro, RaptonX and me. I recommend you have a look, or an hearing.

His podcasts are linked on his Fur Affinity gallery (only on FA sadly for the moment) at this url:

Changing Time

My episode is number 3 if you are interested. And if you share my interest, episode 1 to 6 should be of interest. Episode 7, in my taste, could be skipped because I don't feel the main speaker has anything to do with Transformation...

Which also bring me to clarify something. During the making of my episode, it has been brought in that some people were complaining because my video were of low resolution.

To explain how the site work, as I mentioned in the past, the video you see when you access a clip is a PREVIEW video, 320x240 in resolution maximum.

The resolution of the actual file is actually displayed in the information section bellow. Most recent clips are in HD (1280x720) while the not so recent are normally in full SD, so 640x480. Only the very old tapes from Stonegate are still at 320x240 until I can get my claws on a better copy.

So, where are those file? If you're logged, the link to download those is below the video itself. The one named "Download the full clip". If you're not logged in, you'll see a message to log in in order to download the file.

In the future, I will add an option to switch between the low resolution and SD/HD content when available. Also, quota has been disabled for year. There's no limit to download. All that I ask is that you don't repost the video on other video sites such as You Tube. Like this guy who keep reposting on You Tube.. Shame on him!

On another subject, can anyone recommend me a good Transformation animation artists? I've been seeing a few headshot transformation avatar, and I would be interested in a smooth one, medium resolution, to use as an opening sequence to the clips. Kind of like what GeltyDrake did with his 'Grow with Gelty' opening.

If anyone is interested or know someone who would fit the profile, I would be interested in commissioning such a head / upper body dragon transformation.

And now, back to this update. The summary this time are:

  • 24 Shows;

  • 357 files which:

  • 252 fall into transformation clips;

  • 105 fall into scene clips;

  • 5.56 Gigabytes in total.

And the actual shows:

  • All Star Superman Superman is dying... again. Still, some TF and some reptilian scenes.

  • American Dragon: Jake Long Fixed the broken preview. Full resolution files were ok.

  • Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes The last files from the show, before it got corrupted by Disney.

  • Batman The Brave and the Bold Updated some clips to HD.

  • Battledogs Cheap Asylum's movie with bad effect, bad plot and bad transformations (lets not forget tailless 'werewolf').

  •  A monster transformation / posession. Old stuff.

  • Being Human (America)  Latest werewolves clips from ending series Being Human.

  • Bitten Yet another werewolves series. At least, those are big full wolves and not walking apes. Still, with a long sex scene in nearly every episodes, it's to wonder if they had to compensate for something...

  • Black Sheep  Uploaded the HD version of the video.

  • Camp Lakebottom Were-chicken. A rare TF :)

  • Dexter's Laboratory A classic in cartoon. Lots of neat transformations.

  • Face Off The latest transformation from the past season and a remake of season one. Plenty of nice makeup transformations and a few dragons too :)

  • Grimm More Wessen morphs form the Grimm. Surprise, they actually made more than just face this time. Thanks for the scorpion tail for a manticore. Still wish they would have some dragon tail!/li>
  • Fury of the Wolfman, The Another old movie with old ape werewolf transformations.

  • Heavy Metal FAKK 2 Not much in term of TF, but really nice lizard peoples.

  • Incredible Hulk (Live) The shows that introduced many to 'David' Banner and the hulk, the green muscle giant.

  • Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur Weight gain and Dinosaurs. Yay for the latest!

  • Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword Weight gain and dragon.

  • She-Creature A mermaid who turns into a monster. The Little Mermaid backward.

  • Storm Hawks Flyers and various TF. Another show canned with the premise of a continuation. Still haven't forgotten them for giving Dragon Booster the same fate for this. Some nice reptilian scenes though.

  • Teen Wolf Why calling a boy with some facial hair and claws a werewolf? That's beyond me...Still, they had some reptilian monster with more scales than hairs.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Well, the series has slowly been taking a better curve. Sometime too light, but also a bit darker. Wish they would put more effort on their mutations though. But still... LEATHERHEAD :)

  • Tom & Jerry The Wizard of Oz Some random TF and some poof too. Nice dino though.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man More clips from the latest episodes, including a few from the Lizard. Please someone get Disney out of there!

  • Wolfman, The Some nice flesh TF. Too bad it's restricted to hand and feet. Body shot don't get any love.


Until next update!

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November Update [Nov. 9th, 2013|11:08 pm]

Long time no see.

It has been quite some time since the last update. Nearly 6 exact months. I initially had planned to work on the update during summer, but something out of my control happened.

Those who follow me on DeviantArt probably already know about it, but last summer, forest fires burned out our hunting hunting lodges.

My father lost his hunting cabin, his area was completely burned down. We both lost the lodge that was worked on. Our hunting partner also lost his lodge. They all had storage container, the one used for transportation, and all 3 burned down.

We also lost our boat, a huge 'freighter' canoe required to safely navigate on reservoir.

This kind of changed my plan for the rest of the summer, and changed the priority of certain tasks.

  • We had to return to the area to clean up the damages and debris;

  • We had to find another boat big enough to handle the waves and wind of a reservoir;

  • We had to find a travel trailer in order to replace the lodge since it wouldn't be feasible to rebuild it;

  • I had and still have to rebank the vacation days I had to take off for the cleaning

And this updated got moved over and over until this week. And truth be told, I wanted it done before my birthday, next Tuesday November the 12th.

For the summary of this update:

  • 34 Shows;

  • 317 files which:

  • 153 fall into transformation clips;

  • 164 fall into scene clips;

  • 3.94 Gigabytes in total.

What is in the update?

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Back to the Regular schedule (Hunt and FurFright) [Oct. 30th, 2013|12:19 am]
It has been quite some time. I'm finally back on a more regular schedule.

At the end of September, I finally had my long deserved two weeks hunting vacation. My previous vacations were during summer, but it didn't ended up well with the forest fire.


We left Friday morning. Since our boat, cabin and lodge were gone, we had been hunting (pun intended) for replacements. We were able to get a used 21 feet aluminum boat with the small insurance return. We had to spend extra though for a worthwhile engine and an RV.
With the lodge gone, the main lodge was now to small for the group. So we bought a small haul RV 29 feet long. It's not the quality of the lodge we lost, but it still has a over, a fridge, heat and bed we would have to buy anew if we were to rebuild everything.

We drove the whole day, stopping only for fueling until we reached Matagami where stopped to do a final fueling and sleeping before the final run. During the fueling, I 'renewed' my (non) respect for the native of the North. Guy start fueling, then go snooze on his truck rather than stand watch.
I return from paying for fueling the turn and to begin fueling the boat when I notice a growing pool of water. Only, when I followed it to the source, I realize it was the nuzzle that didn't stop and the native's truck was spilling fuel all over. I jumped and stopped the fueling. What did the native do?
Get off of the truck, surprised, go pay inside, don't tell anyone, pay, and leave and leave us to clean his mess...

Saturday morning, we got up early, ate breakfast then head up doing the last 450 km of the 1200 km trip. However, it took us nearly 10 hours to do that last bout. Since the RV was over 15 years old and that the Jame's Bay Road as been unmaintained for years, we had to drive S.L.O.W.L.Y. otherwise we could have ended up with a broken pole or broken blades.
We were lucky to sometime reach 70 km/h, the average being 50 km/h depending on the amount of humps on the road.
Then we arrived near our lodge... Some of the area that had been hit by a forest fire 20 years ago also burned with this year fire. It was an atomic wasteland. Nothing was left. The tree were all burned down to stump and the ground was burned gray. Still, nature is strong and already shrubs were already growing up after only 3 months. Some were already 3 feet tall.
We unpacked and went to sleep.

On Sunday, we packed to boat and headed to the boat ramp to head for my cabin. It was quite windy and there were waves 3 feet tall on the reservoir. We were able to unload the boat, but that kind of boat is not design to land on shore, so I had to go in the water to board.

From Sunday after afternoon to the next Saturday we stayed at my cabin. Monday and Tuesday were warm day... Too warm even, with the temperature reaching 26C . Then wind and rain started to pour from Wednesday to Saturday. On Thursday, the ever smart forest ranger decided to come visit us by helicopter. But since the coast has been flooded by the reservoir raising, they didn't land, just took picture. But that kind of harassing is enough to frighten moose.
On Friday, we decided to risk making noise by cutting trails with the chainsaw. On Saturday, we decided to leave as nothing was moving.

We headed to the lodge, unpacked and repacked in order to leave to a friend cabin and lodge. We had to boat roughly 2 km on a small lake to reach it. On the way, we spotted a black bear, a "friend" of the moose hunter (because they attack moose calf, grr). As we reached the cabin, I could tell both my father and I were more equipped. That cabin was bare with nothing but a packed mattress (thus very wet) and practically no windows to watch. At dawn, I spotted something moving. Turned out to be the black bear that had followed up. We kept the guns close just in case it would decide to climb up to us during the night.

The next day, we planned to wait until noon, but since everything was dead (no track, bear having walking by, wolf howling at large, we decided to head back after eating breakfast. As we approached the shore where the lodge and car were, my father spotted something at the salt block. He first though it was a female that some hunters said was in the area, but as I scoped, I could see it was a young buck. We slowly approached, my father handling the boat and me aiming. With wind and wave, it's not easy to aim in a rocking boat. My father and I emptied our first clips, but when came the time to reload, my father's riffle locked. We realized later he picked the wrong clip as we were all carrying Tikka riffle and all Tikka share the same clip. So he accidentally took is 7mm clip and loaded it in his 308...
On my end, I was able to reload and managed to hit the moose down this time. My father dropped me so that I could go to the moose and finish it.
We spent the rest of the day gutting it and quartering it before loading it on the truck and carrying it to our lodge. After hanging it, we headed back by the construction camp, had a shower and closed our friend lodge.

We spent the rest of the week doing small chore around the area: Cutting wood, cleaning the main lodge, putting the RV on block, packing, skinning and wrapping the moose quarters, doing some ATV to see the fire damage.
The ranger stopped by and they told us they were the one who flow by with the chopper and weren't surprised we saw nothing at my cabin. Since summer, they haven't that much moose in the area.
Tuesday evening, after all the skinning was done, as we were talking with one of the visiting native, I spotted a big grey wolf in the wood. With everying burned, we can see quite afar. It turned around as it felt it has been spotted, but we decided to chain the moose head before heading in for supper.
As expected, in the morning, the head has been dragged to the far end of the chain, eaten where it has been cut off.
And the night before we were to leave, that wolf decided to call up. At nearly 2:00 AM, we were awaken by the mournful howling sound of a lone wolf. It sure is something to hear and I enjoy it each time.

On Thursday, we drove back home, taking the short gravel road this time as we left the RV there. I had a flat on my truck as it wasn't really made for gravel road, but otherwise, the trip back went well.
I spent the remaining day unpacking, cleaning and helping my father before heading back to work next Tuesday.

Fur Fright

I only spent about 1 week back at work. Fur Fright was the week-end after hunting.
Picked Wallaby and her boyfriend, then drove down to Cromwell to the hotel. Stopped at Wal-Mart to get some supply and then picked my pre-registration.

This year was nice, but not as nice as last year. I would say it was an average over the past years.
First, I got nearly 3 sketchbooks that got hold back for roughly two days. The new 'Dragoniade' and the 'ABC' sketchbooks were dropped at the end of the first day and I didn't got them back before Sunday.
The mixed one also got hold back for a day. That only left the two transformation sketchbooks (the PG and the M) to pass around, which mean they got the most pictures. Still, was able to get 17 pictures in those 2 books.

Also, I wasn't much into panels this years. The choice wasn't as good as last year in my opinion. No history panel, only a limited number of arts related panels, no transformation panels, but plenty of gathering panels... The only interesting panel was one about werewolves.
Panel about cat furries to gather, avian furries to gather, are not real panels per see in my taste. I prefer informative panels over gathering panels.
Still, nice con and looking forward next year.

And I was able to get a good chunk of the update that has been put on hold since the summer.
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Back from vacations and gone again [Jul. 6th, 2013|12:03 am]
Well, I got back from vacation last week-end. It was quite relaxing and were able to get some rest.

My father and I drove North, way North. That's a 13 hours drive and it took us even longer this year because of the forest fires.
At one point, we had to stop where other people have stopped because the road was covered with smoke and the flames were visible.
With fuel in the trailer, we preferred to wait until someone confirm it was safe. We waited for more than an hour and an half and with people not doing anything or checking, we decided to move on.
It wasn't as bad as people said it was. Sure, at some point the visibility was about only 15-20 feet and there were fire on both side of the road, but nothing that actually crossed the road.
We went through a worse fire in 1988 with flame actually jumping over the road.
We managed to get at our camps by the night. Considering the sun is up until 10h30 PM, it was still light when we arrived.

Mostly, we unpacked. There was a bit of rain, so we stopped at the construction camp where my father used to work to picked up some stuff he lefts when he retired.
It was cloudy and forecast were announcing storms, which was good since we could smell and see low smoke from the forest fires (the sky was orange).
We went to check on a small fishing lake near the camps, but turned back when lightnings started to show up. On the way, we spotted a small wolves pack: a female and 3 cubs.

We did some slashing at my father's cabin. Then, we went to do some ATV, checking a native friend's cabin at the same time. With the low level of water, we were able to drive around the lake and go straight
back to my father's cabin. We slept there that night to see if any moose would show up (the camera there was filled with pictures of three different moose).

We head to my cabin. We had to drive for half an hour, then boat for about 45 minutes / 1 hour. My father slashed the vegetation around my cabin while I walked one of the moose trail to cut any fallen tree blocking the way.
We slept there for the night.

We work a bit to fix my cabin. Added an extension to the balcony to hold an ice box and barrel, stabilized the shack and redid the loading pad which was rotten and slippery.
Once this was done, we headed out to do some boating and check a friend floating camp.

We decided to do some more boating in the reservoir. We enjoyed the view and the weather.

We did some more ATV the whole day, mostly going around my father's cabin lake and following power line. We went back to where we touched ground on boating the day before.
More nice scenery and another great day. 25 Celsius and no cloud. We went to check back the lake near the camp. On the way there, we spotted the female wolf and four cubs. We missed one the other day.
However, I had to head back to pick something we forgot at the camp, and on my way back, I spotted the female again, this time with FIVE cubs. It was fun to watch. At this point, she saw us enough time to consider us NOT a threat so she just lay there as I was watching and the cubs were playing together.

We decide to drive back home. On the way down we spotted a few more forest fires, but none that were close to the road. The driving went flawlessly. However, once we left the James Bay territory, RAIN.
We didn't had a single drop of rain except for last Sunday and below the 50th parallel, it was rain all over.

We unpacked everything.

I drove back home and did some shore that needed to be done.

Back to work :(

Various brownout at work. From experience, I knew they were caused by the forest fire. People are being butthurt about it, not realizing power is not granted.

People from the construction camp called. The fires are heading toward our camps. The west bound fires near Eastmain went out of control and were heading toward them.
The construction camp was also a risk to be burned. By the end of the day, news are grim, but people were evacuated and nobody could confirm or not if the fire hit our area.

News are not good, but by the end of the day, we have someone who went to check. The fire missed the camp by about two kilometers. However, from the satellite maps, my father's cabin may have been in the path.
We'll be doing an emergency trip back north to make a 100 meters firewall around the camps to protect it against future fires or if the current one decide to change direction.

So more likely next Sunday, back north with tools to cut down the trees and to move any combustible (propane, gas, fuel, burning wood, etc) out of the way.
My vacation bank is going to suffer from this. Ouch!

Lets hope everything last until then.
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Shadowlordinc Updated [May. 8th, 2013|11:41 pm]

Hello Everyone,

The update if finally done. Started last Thursday and finished this morning. Had to fix a lot of incomplete section related to the content, such as the whole characters section being left blank. It also took longer than the last one, nearly 3 months, but it has more content and more re-sampling.

I hope you people appreciate the updates, because I really don't get much feedback or support at all, except maybe from the same 2 persons, one which run his own video archive.

Seriously, sometime I wonder if it's all worth it. If there are some people who think it's worthwhile, I sure would like to know and feel it.

Sometime, I wish I could get rid of the feeling that unless you're an artist, drawing picture or writing story, you won't get any recognition in the transformation community.

Because, except from the bi-annual zombie werewolf raising and the feedback from the 2 persons mentioned above, I don't get much news from the site. Yet, I see other do less and get much more feedback, much more publicity from other transformation site.

I don't know if it's because no one care about the site (and the effort put behind it) anymore or if the site is taken for granted.

No positive feedbacks, no donation since February 2011, no support for management, no community link back, no fan support.

Yet, I see TF artists supporting other transformation artists all year long... I say it, unless you're an artist, the community take your work and leave. Unless you draw lines or put words (it doesn't have to be good, just add some bad anatomy or some anger management or social issues and you're an hit), your works get ignored...

Oh well, I guess it's summer time...

Now, back to the update

Some statistics for this update:

  • 15 Shows;

  • 545 files which:

  • 361 fall into transformation clips;

  • 184 fall into scene clips;

  • 5.45 Gigabytes in total.

What's in this update:

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